Avionics installation and upgrade Design
Avionics installation and upgrade Design
Avionic betterment and system installation is a complex field of engineering that requires systemic understanding in order to guarantee the correct integration between client demands for aircraft operations and the avionic components of the aircraft systems.
TIMAT Ltd. specializes in designing aircraft systems, from initial stages through engineering design to system installation. We accompany our clients throughout the process until final integration and aircraft system functionality checks.
TIMAT Ltd. has extensive experience in military and civilian aviation. We pride ourselves on our vast knowledge in communication systems, including communication, navigation, audio/radio, air conditioning, fire detection, electric, lighting and power systems.
Our civilian aviation projects include platforms for Boeing 747-400, Boeing 737, Boeing 767-700, 800 and 900, Airbus, passenger to cargo conversion, VIP airplanes and more. Military projects include betterment of CH-53, AH-64, UH-60, F-17, F15, C-130 and others.
Among our services: detailed schematics, complete technical documentation, operation manuals, current balance and route card instructions that enable clients to quickly and effectively enforce aircraft installations and betterment, with complete TIMAT Ltd. specialist support throughout the entire process. 
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