Can Bus Smoke detectors System (CSDS)
Can Bus Smoke detectors System (CSDS)
Can bus Smoke Detection Control Panel (CSDS) is part of Cargo Smoke Detection system.
The CSDS provides smoke Alarms and test capability up to 60 smoke detectors.

Develop and certificate - RTCA/DO-254 DAL-B , RTCA/DO-178C DAL-B , Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware

The system includes the following LRUs:
  • CSDS.
  • 60 smoke detectors.
The CSDS panel  installed on cockpit on Pedestal (P8 or P5) of B737-700 airplanes.

:System Functions
  • The system able to detect smoke in the cargo area. 
  • The system perform a functional test of the smoke detector(s) when the TEST button is pressed. 
  • When smoke is detected, the system provide warning indication of the compartment in which smoke has been detected. 
  • When smoke is detected, the system activate the aircraft aural warning. 
  •  the system able to silence the aural warning by pressing the BELL CUT-OUT button. 
Environmental Conditions:
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Par 4, Category A1Altitude15.000 ft
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Par 4.5.1 Category A1  Ground survival Low temperature -55°C
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Par 4.5.2 Category A1Operating Low Temperature-15°C
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Par 4.5.3 Category A1Ground survival High temperature +85°C
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Par 4.5.4 Category A1Operating High Temperature+55°C
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Par 5.0 Category A  Temperature variation-15°C +55°C
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Par 6.3.3 Category A Humidity+38°C - RH 85% max +50°C - RH 95% max.
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Par 7.0 Category E Operation Shock6g, 11 ms, sow tooth, 18 shocks
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Par 7.0 Category E Shock safety crash20g, 11 ms, sow tooth, 6 shocks
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Par 7.3.3 Category E Shock safety (sustained) crash (acceleration)18g, 3 sec
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Par 8.0 Category S Sine vibration20g, 5-500 Hz,
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Category B , 16.0 Electrical – power inputs  
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Category B , 17.0 Electrical – voltage spikes conducted    
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Category BC , 19.0 EMC – magnetic effects  
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Category BC , 19.0 EMC  - AF conducted susceptibility   
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Category BC , 19.0 EMC – induced signal susceptibility  
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Category S , 20.0 EMC – RF susceptibility (conducted and radiated) Conducted –F Radiated - F
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Category B , 21.0 EMC – Emission of RF energy  
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Category B , Level1 , 22.0 EMC- Lightning induced transient  
  • RTCA, DO-160G, Category C , 23.0 EMC- Electrostatic discharge