Pilot call Panel (PCP)
Pilot call Panel (PCP)
Timat Pilot Call Panel (PCP) is a part of the Ground Crew Call system that  installed in the cockpit (flight deck).
The PCP provides communication between the flight crew and ground crews. This communication is used mostly when the aircraft is on ground, but communication can be provided also on the air between the flight crew and the Wing Inspection Station (WIS).

The GROUND CREW CALL SYSTEM  installed in cargo aircraft B747-400 manufactured by BOEING as well as in 747-400 Special Freighter.

The GROUND CREW CALL SYSTEM and communication system primarily provides the capability for call signaling and voice communication between the flight crew and the cargo crew on the ground.
The system also provides call signaling between the flight crew and:
  • WIS – Wings Inspection Station

The system consists of the following units:
  • Pilots' Call Panel, located in the cockpit 
  • Interphone handsets located at the crew rest bunks.
  • Flight deck call buttons located on the handset cradles.
Develop and certificate - RTCA/DO-254 DAL-D , Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware

Environmental Conditions:

RTCA, DO-160E, Par 4, Category A1 Altitude 15.000 ft
RTCA, DO-160E, Par 4.5.1 Category A1 Ground survival Low temperature -55°C
RTCA, DO-160E, Par 4.5.2 Category A1 Operating Low Temperature -15°C
RTCA, DO-160E, Par 4.5.3 Category A1 Ground survival High temperature +85°C
RTCA, DO-160E, Par 4.5.4 Category A1 Operating High Temperature +55°C
RTCA, DO-160E, Par 5.0 Category A Temperature variation -15°C +55°C
RTCA, DO-160E, Par 6.3.3 Category A Humidity +38°C - RH 85% max. +50°C - RH 95% max.
RTCA, DO-160E, Par 7.0 Category E Operation Shock6g, 11 ms, sow tooth, 18   shocks
RTCA, DO-160E, Par 7.0 Category E Shock safety crash 20g, 11 ms, sow tooth, 6   shocks
RTCA, DO-160E, Par 7.3.3 Category E Shock safety (sustained) crash  (acceleration)18g, 3 sec
RTCA, DO-160E, Par 8.0 Category S Sine vibration 20g, 5-500 Hz,